DevOps is a collaboration between software development, quality assurance, and IT operations.

DevOps involves building, testing, releasing, managing and monitoring applications at scale. A mix of skills is called for, though different organizations emphasize different things. The general outline of a DevOps position would include the following broad categories:

  1. Systems Administration - knows servers, operating systems, networking, and monitoring
  2. Virtualization and Cloud - able to deploy apps in flexible ways across varying environments
  3. Software Development - understands how applications work under the hood and how they are packaged into releases
  4. Quality Assurance - understands how applications are tested before they are released
  5. Scripting -  able to write 'glue' code that links various pieces together
  6. Automation - able to orchestrate complex tasks into repeatable workflows that may run continuously
  7. Soft Skills / Support - can talk to customers, work with internal politics, maintain a positive attitude
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