Step 1:

Build a picture of how some learning topics fit together.

How to build a Learning Graph
  1. Start by adding nodes using the button on left.
  2. Drag and drop the nodes into position. Link them with the 'Link Nodes' button.
  3. Name the Learning Graph by typing in the box above where it says Name this awesome....
  4. Click the 'Save' button when Learning Graph is taking shape.
  5. Complete the Learning Graph by adding a description, a list of topics, and linking to Learning Materials.

Browse Examples

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Step 2:

Provide a textual description of what is going on above. This may include background information about the nodes, a suggested course of action for learners, and what you find most interesting about how these ideas fit together.

Also enter a list of topics that go with the Learning Graph.


Step 3:

Add learning content (books, videos, blog posts, online lessons) necessary to master the topics presented.

Associated Learning Materials: