In today's rapidly changing world, ongoing self directed learning is required for success.

Some jobs are becoming obsolete. Doors are opening in new areas. Adaptability is key. Self directed fields such as software, data science, and devops are wide open but at the same time require new learning all the time to keep up.

The solution is to become a life long learner.

The first step is to signup and begin to record your learning at our site every time you consume a piece of material. You'll find it rewarding and quite possibly addicting!

Our tools enable life long learners in any profession to chart their course, demonstrate their proficiency, and share ideas. For example, Learning Graphs are a tool we created to show how concepts fit together.

We aggregate content from everyone else so you can put your learning time to its best use.

Our learning materials database is growing all the time. Our goal is to help learners access quality learning materials backed up by non-biased reviews.

Wiser Learning
Wiser Learning is ran by a dedicated team of educators and technology experts with a mission to help you excel at life long learning.

Studies have shown...

Setting goals helps with learning, motivation and achievement. One study found performance increases by 30% on average.

Recent learning is correlated with better cognitive function.

Other thoughts

In the 1960's Alvin Toffler correctly predicted that professionals of our era will need to spend an increasing amount of time investing in themselves just so they can do their job.

Traditional K-12 and college education is hanging in there, but it is not keeping up (except the prices keep increasing).

Life long learning is no longer optional like it was in past generations. Keeping your skills up to date is mandatory for survival.

If you have a generous employer they might provide some training. Ultimately it is your responsibility to stay sharp and invest in yourself.

Basic Process of Self Directed Learning

Step 1 - Set Goals

For example "stay current with Java" or "get into the field of data science".

Step 2 - Access Learning Materials

Books, Trainings, Web Videos, Blog Posts...

Step 3 - Record when you learn

Get in the habit of learning regularly.

Step 4 - Your Skill Improve

Repeat the process!